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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Just a quickie tonight; more tomorrow

First press release went out last night (written by me, despatched by Glenn @ PR for Less) and 4 of the 10 charities now have definite plans to progress some PR and photo opportunities. So far 3 e-mails from the press release, one feature being written in the Yorkshire Evening Post and the possibility of a trip down to the House of Lords in London for a photo shoot via one of the charities.

Oh and another of the charities has said BBC Look North might be interested in seeing me fall over on a ski slope. Ok ok so those are my words not theirs but I bet that's the hook; old portly guy can't ski and wants to go to the North Pole. Well you know what? If it gets donations flowing-in then GREAT, let's do it.

Also needed to write a one-page summary for a UK national radio station that has local shows; bugger, I forgot to do that tonight as went to the gym. Tomorrow for sure!! We'll see if that helps build their interest or dies a death. I've mentioned 'UK' because I have a small international fan base and the States are 'rocking'; 59 page hits this week (thanks to my brother, Can' and Char' ..... you know who you are).

Opened up  a Twitter account yesterday, despite my better judgement. WHAT a waste of time reading 'tweets' from the handful of people I thought I'd try to follow for inspiration (although I'm hoping there's some salvation now I've added Stephen Fry, John Cleese, Monica Belluci and Gene Simmons). If this continues its depressing trend I'm deleting it all tomorrow!!

Okay time to go. Triple gym-fest this weekend so need some rest.

P.S. Thanks to 'speed-queen' Naomi for trying to put me in touch with one of her friends who is training for a cross-country ski challenge.

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