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Thursday, 17 February 2011

It's late but I owe you a round-up

Evening to all 'followers' and casual readers alike

It's 2239hrs GMT on Thursday 17th and whilst I'm tired and need to go to bed (several late nights, early mornings and an impromptu and factually incorrect celebration by others of my fictitious 51st birthday last night), I'm also conscious I've not typed for almost a week. So here goes, in no particular order: -

a) I now have 11 dedicated followers on here and 33 on Twitter. Yes yes I know I said I probably would regret the Twitter thing but let's see; slowly does it and hopefully the 'tweets' are of some interest to the readers.

b) The Yorkshire Evening Post photography editor e-mailed today to set-up a photo opp so I'll be sorting that tomorrow as well as my half-page ad in the Yorkshire Post Business supplement for the Yorkshire Mafia Conference and Exhibition in mid-March.

c) Through a contact at Candlelighters, I now have the interest of a prospective media partner (radio) and what I'd currently call a passing interest by a TV programme. Media partner meeting is on the 1st March so watch this space.

d) A key factor in adding some gravitas and transparency to the fundraising is partnering with a company approved to provide the services of an auditor, regulated and authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants so I'm delighted to have a meeting with a medium-sized Leeds-based company next week. I hope their presence means 'Business' will feel less wary of donating to a mystery-man.

e) Already caught up with the Muscular Dystrophy fundraising team who, amongst several brilliant ideas, have also suggested I link up with a sufferer throughout my prep and post my trek; what a heart-warming and emotionally grounding experience that would be.

f) Sue B at Hallam University has done a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c job of not only enthusing the PR & Journalism faculty about their potential involvement but also attracting the interest of the Sport (research guys) who think my prep has great potential for a Masters project. Just pleased the Taxidermist department and Forensic Science team are not also showing an interest : )

g) Wore my Yorkshire Cancer Research t-shirt to the gym on Saturday and had one comment (no, not that the blue clashed with my eyes).

h) An English Premier League club has said yes to featuring me in TWO of their matchday programmes; one before and one after (so at least they're also hopeful I'll return).

i) Trying to speak to Mark at Yorkshire Air Ambulance after a nice reply from Gareth at The Chocolate Factory (who also sponsor YAA); must be some win-win-win potential PR there.

j) Meeting with Heart Research UK next week (hello Barbara) and MacMillan (hi Jamie) week after; must kick-off PR work with them and then complete the initial discussions with the remaining charities (including the Help for Heroes planned activity in North Yorkshire in late 2011) before 'round 2' of activities start.

k) All this and MUST maintain my hours, effort and attention at my clients.

Now I just know there's more buzzing round in my head so I hope it settles down as Tuesday night it took hours to get to sleep and then woke at 4:30am with head buzzing again. Oh yes ......

l) My old Comprehensive school at Boston Spa is keen to get involved in many ways, including asking me to carry a GPS tracker and temperature USB so they can monitor my progress. That's just one of 7 ways we discussed an educational JV for which I would commit the equivalent of one day per calendar month to support.

Donations are slow so far, disappointing even, but fingers crossed that after April and before October there will be some real progress

Okay, time for bed. Tired so will say goodnight before I drop off to slee ...... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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