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Monday, 31 January 2011

So what news on a Monday night?

Sat here, shattered. Think it must be the after-effects of going to the gym Friday night, Saturday morning (PT session) and Sunday afternoon. Went a bit bonkers again Sunday afternoon, stepping the resistance to 5 for an hour on the cross-trainer and doing some weights.

I thought about going tonight but have to keep reminding myself it's a steady build-up to the biggest physical challenge I've ever faced so chill Geoff chill, no rush! Also started eating 'properly' again today so the treats are heading out of the window. Not literally but you get my drift (oh that was SUCH an Andrew Green-type joke I may need to shoot myself).

So breaking news: -

- I've now had a request from my old Comprehensive school to go talk to them about linking my expedition into their curriculum (sports, geography and science perhaps) and waiting for 2 more replies from schools; my old Primary at Barwick and the Primary my girls went to in Woodlesford.

- I've had one of my ex-colleagues suggest we think about linking me into the journalist students at the University (could be a great win-win there but I'll need to hide all the skeletons in the cupboard)

- The organisers tell me they'll be sending me a harness soon so I can hook it up to a tyre and train dragging that around for a few hours. Why did I sign up to this again?

- I've got a PR release ready to go; a company I know will distribute it to 3000 contacts for £100 (more money spent), and a couple of the charities are thinking about doing something including one GREAT contact who could open up a few media doors. Hollywood here I come ! Well, okay, maybe that's a BIT premature but it is kind of exciting.

- I also distributed the first 50 leaflets yesterday to local companies to see if at least one of them will respond with a £50 donation; something to start the wheels going round. On average I need 4.5 donations per day from today through until the end of the trek to hit my £100 000 target but must also start to focus on my top 10 potential co-sponsoring targets as I'd really like to get half the £25 000 paid for, probably out of their marketing budgets, rather than them declining because "We already have a charity of the year". Surely some must see an advertising/PR angle.

Oh and I must e-mail the remaining 125 people in my network to tell them the pages are up and running as well as decide if I really SHOULD have a Twitter account. Contacts are telling me it's the thing to do but ... is it? Really??

Finally tonight, stats update that I'm almost up to 300 views of the blog from the UK, 40 from the USA (driven by my 2 nieces presumably), 2 from Australia (Phil and either Jess or Louise I assume) and from Germany (guten nacht to the TWOT attendees) and 1 from Singapore (hello Yvonne).

And that as they say is that for the day. Sleep well.

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