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A new adventure beckons, and this is once again about my personal journey to make it happen.

It might make you laugh; it might make you cry, but by 'eck lads and lasses, it will be worth a quick skeg every now and then, tha's for sure.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

And today it's official .... and tomorrow ...

Jo Warren from Charity Challenge confirmed today it's official; the 8-day ski trek in 2012 to the magnetic North Pole is on !! It will be opened up on their website by next week so people can register therefore ....

... tomorrow I have to be sure I can secure the pot of money to pay the deposit towards the total £25k I'll need to finally qualify and pay for my insurance, and that's only part of the total I really want to raise. Gawd forbid the places get taken before I register.

Hmm and rumour is Gary Barlow and co are considering a trek in 2012 for Sports Relief so I also need to get serious about PR and corporate sponsorship soon as well as charity donations. Think I feel a headache coming on but a good nights sleep will help. Here's hoping : )

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