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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cobwebs, opportunities and a game of cricket

Well it's been a while for sure but after a lovely two weeks looking after my girls and a nice (but horrible) 5 days looking after a poorly Lucia, I'm now back 'in the saddle' and went to the gym tonight to blow the cobwebs away.

Oh yes, must remember; some people have reminded me that anyone reading this blog for the first time will perhaps wonder what it's all about so here's a quick summary ..... I'm 50 years old this year but I've decided to live life ("turning life up to 11" as my friends at Roxstor used to say) so after cycling north to south across Cuba in 2010 for charity, I'm now in training for an 8-day ski trek to the North Pole in April 2012 to try and raise £100 000 for charities.

Okay, summary over so back to what's what.

Inbetween having my girls and playing doctors and nurses for Lucia (behave, I don't mean it THAT way and you know it!!) I managed to be part of a charity cricket match; something I suggested when India and England drew their match at the 2011 cricket World Cup. The charity match featured a Co-operative Financial Services team versus an Infosys team (photo of the winners below and yes that's me sprawled on the floor in pads and gloves).

Anyway after that moment of glory tonight was the start of a 4 visits in 5 days kick-start back into training so a 45-minute blast on the cross-trainer felt good, as did getting back into the fundraising mindset.

* I'm now hopeful that Jen of the Leeds-based team at the Individual Restaurant Company chain are up for a fundraising night (pencil in Wednesday 28th September for now folks), I'm meeting Anna of the the Harrogate/York team next week (pencil in 14th July as that's what I'm aiming for if the Candlelighters team can get me as part of their Great Yorkshire Show presence) and the Sheffield manager is going to contact me soon.

* I wrote to my local supermarket about fundraising opportunities so hopefully there's going to be a reply from them soon.

* Fingers crossed that a rather audacious plan for an event in a northern city gets the go-ahead, but now I've probably damned the idea to a quick and painful death before it even gets past the first step.

* Agreed with Mark Bowness of Beyond Magazine about a large feature on my Trek preparations etc (see http://www.beyondmags.com/) so looking forward to that. Big posh glossy magazine; buy one it's great.

* The lovely Tina Bonetta has agreed to co-plan and co-organise an event with/for me. More on that as we move forward.

* Hoping Will Jones of Heart Research UK has whet the appetite of the local TV stations enough to make them want to do a short clip of my tyre-pulling expolits.

Other than that it has been quiet but I think the whole Involve ethos is taking shape in terms of making it as big a part of my life as BlueDucks already is. Now that WOULD be an exciting step forward for the next 10 years and the North Pole thing will be dwarfed by my plans for 2014 and 2018 ... fingers crossed.

Now heading to bed with a satisfied smile that the world looks a slightly brighter place from my perspective; I'm back on track !!  Sleep well, whoever you are and wherever in the world you may be.

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