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A new adventure beckons, and this is once again about my personal journey to make it happen.

It might make you laugh; it might make you cry, but by 'eck lads and lasses, it will be worth a quick skeg every now and then, tha's for sure.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Just a quickie before Saturday


Monday evening - Rothwell Park. One man, one tyre (detachable, not abdominal thank you), first mile in 24 minutes, second mile in 20 minutes.
- Tuesday evening - Rothwell Park. One man, one tyre (blah blah blah), single mile in 18 minutes.


- Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday evening - Rothwell Park. One man, one tyre, two miles on each occasion to test out how my legs and back respond to three days in a row. At least I'll have the Yorkshire Post Newspaper photographer tagging along on Saturday morning.
- To be able to walk Monday


- To find another park to use from time to time, so I can hand out more leaflets to unsuspecting members of the public.It's a charm offensive don't you know (probably more 'offensive' than 'charm' but I live in hope)
- To show the sort of bravery over the next 3 months that Emma (aka Dora) showed when she did the London marathon just 6 weeks AFTER a serious leg injury threatened to stop her fulfilling her promise to her Dad. NOT that I'm injured but the pain associated with the training is going to seriously ramp up in the month of July (more of that in a future blog).
- To fit into my 'aspirational' t-shirt by the end of July 2011.
- To find something more interesting to write about by the time Saturday evening comes round. Who is that cheering in the background?? It's not big and it's not clever.

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