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Saturday, 21 May 2011

3 dull miles, the junior fan club and some nudity

It is 8:20pm on a Saturday evening and I'm sat here pleasently tired because today, in the warm sun and slight humidity I managed to pull the tyres for 3 (yes THREE) miles, and in just under 2 hours 55 minutes.

As last time, I thought I'd take my phone and try live Twitter updates especially as I got 2 replies to the updates last time and hoped to receive more this time. I also felt it could be a pretty eventful 'drag'.

Wrong. I should have realised when it all started with the gates to the 'twitchers' driveway closed and there was no car. Horror of horrors, nothing to report about them. Then with no dogs or dog-walkers in sight I almost succumbed to a panic attack and wondered if the guy in New York was right; 'rapture' had been and gone and I was the only sinner left on the planet.

Fortunately I wasn't alone but, having heard the string of profanities from a dog walker into his mobile phone (bit like verbal 'projectile vomit' really) I suddenly wished I was alone .... or not a sinner.

It wasn't all bad but the first half mile, completed in just under 27 minutes, I had absolutely nothing to report on. In fact the highlight was that after my warm-up of jogging down the slope and back up again, jump-squats and some stretching my first tweet was "And we're off ... oh no hang on, tweak in the left knee (and I DID warm-up first). Right here we go." and that was it for the first 3/4 mile actually.

Oh for those of you reading this in 'European', 3/4 mile is 1.21km.

The final 1/4 of a mile was made more interesting by the group of youngsters using the 'tyre & rope' swing over the beck. I heard them from a few hundred yards away giggle and one said "What's he doing?". As I got closer one of them kept looking up at me as if wanting to say something but too shy. Well once I said hello to them that was it; questions were non-stop or, to be precise, the same question came from 3 different angles.

After a brief explanation I could see the inquisitive look in their eyes so I said "Do you want to have a go?" and the 3 girls lined up like girls at a Justin Beiber ticket-giveaway stall. I won't show all 3 photos (or in fact all 4 as they had a friend join them by the time I got to the 2 and 3/4 mile mark (Europeans, that's 4.43 kilometres) but here's one of them, setting off so fast she actually rammed one of the boys shoulder with the tyres. I don't know, women drivers ha ha. The pace didn't last for long though.

So apart from that there was only really the woman and her husband who were ever so lovely (tweet said "WHAT a lovely couple they were ... but no madam you can't sit on them for a ride", and the lovely dog-walker who had seen me once before but stopped to chat this time and offered to ask her boss if the company might want to support me (but admitted they were sadly making redundancies so actually it was unlikely)). The rest of the time I resorted to silly tweets such "Chemistry lesson - dogs can smell wee on a car tyre that's 3 weeks old. 'Penny' the dog just proved it!!" and swapping humorous texts with my boss (Mr V, put that table tennis bat down now) and with Lucia (as always).

And so 3 miles (Euro conversion is 4.83km) was done in a total of 2 hours 54 minutes and 51 seconds.

In the end I got home, pleased but tired and perspiring as if I had a tap permanently running on my head. It had been hard work and my harness felt even tighter than usual as evidenced (here's a topless photo ladies, stay calm) by the red lesion on the edge of my neck.

Oh well, we Polar expolers are going to have FAR more damage to our bodies than that to contend with, I'm sure !!!!

Later dude

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