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Sunday, 26 June 2011

A summers eve; what an idiot !!

Dont .... stop it ..... I can hear you now; some of you are tutting, some are laughing as you finish off another cold drink now the BBQ has died down, some are simply shaking their head in disbelief but yes, this evening I went out with one tyre and did a 3-mile drag.

I had hoped to spend as long as required to cover 6 miles but it was far too hot today and it would simply have been madness. Instead I stayed in the back garden and read the Sunday Times, did some VAT analysis and completed a report.

But as the afternoon came and went I had clearly been stalling for time, almost putting it off until tomorrow but I decided enough was enough and suddenly felt a surge of determination. Oh don't worry, it will pass quickly but boy was I suddenly up for it. Here's a little clip of just how much fun I was having ......

I was going to talk about the physical pain, the psychological torture, the brief but good chat with 4 lads who looked as if they could drag five tyres before breakfast, and the two very pretty young women who were brave enough to ask what I was doing but no, I'll sum up the 'drag' with the briefest of text exchanges with Stephen: -

GM - "It's still at least 75 degrees; what the **** am doing I pulling a tyre for 2 hours?"

SV - "Or you will die in the ice"

GM - "Fair point well made"

And so I carried on, not for 2 hours (as the midges were starting to feast on my legs) but I did 3 miles and yet, at the end, I was left cold and saddened ...... the 'Twitchers' are moving house. It's the end of an era, the crumbling of our national pastime, the signal for a dynasty to fade away.

Oh well : )

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