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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Spinning plates; will some fall?

Hello and welcome to this, my 51st blog entry. I'm writing to you with quivering knees of jelly and a determined streak running through my shattered body again (the 'streak' is happening again; my body is constantly shattered these days) after a heck of a PT session with Paul; my first in over three weeks.

Rather than my usual review of tyre-pulling activities I thought I'd reflect on what's happening in my life on this Fathers Day weekend OTHER than pulling tyres.

The thought for this entry began yesterday with a headache and the myriad of things running through my mind; time running out to complete them. Thing is the tyre-training and my commitment to my client is just part of what needs to be done, over and above my girls, my time with Lucia and a little bit of sleep. It takes so much more than simply fitting some training in around work commitments when you've got £100 000 to raise (and we'll not even TALK about the need to learn to ski yet).

I started to then reflect on last Saturday when my 'boss' Stephen brought his son over to see me and have a go at pulling the tyres. Anyone who catches up with this blog on a regular basis will know about that.

It wasn't just good fun and nice that they made the effort but until he pulled those tyres, he probably had no real comprehension of what it takes to train for this Trek. After that little 100 yard yomp, it became a little more real. In fact later in the week, sat in a discussion with him and Andrew, Stephen said "You know, having pulled those tyres it's only now I realise just how much effort, time and commitment Geoff has to put in to his training".

Oh hold on, I'm going a little 'misty' here after that supportive statement from Stephen at least that is until a  text arrives from him; it will probably say "I was feeling sorry for you you pathetic old man, not being supportive" ... and that from a 44 year-old. Pah !! (Happy 44th birthday for tomorrow Mr V).

By the way before I forget, if you didn't see this article in the Yorkshire Evening Post on Wednesday about my tyre-pulling, here it is. Of course if you DID see it then .... here it is again (or you could always close your eyes, count to 10 and ask someone to scroll down for you). The reason I look like a barrel is because the special tyre-pulling harness is under my t-shirt. Oh yes it is !!

Anyway, today's gym session was the first with Paul (my PT) for over 3 weeks and I was knackered before I started so you can imagine my state after we 'gently brushed off the cobwebs'. It was so bad that I was doing squats with only 24kg in weight and static lunges with only 20kg in weight, so even though I was intending to have a thoroughly selfish day tomorrow (apart from the 4 taxi trips for my girls too and from work), I'm now going to go to the gym again (and twice during the week and 4 times the week after when Lucia is away).

Thing is the selfish Fathers Day is about as likely as a triple lottery roll-over jackpot win given I also want to cram in: -

a) Writing to Caroline at the cheeky little marketing agency Ohh-La-La about the proposal we discussed
b) Sort out my eldest daughters birthday card
c) Draft my column for http://www.troymedia.com/ (750 words)
d) Go to the gym again tomorrow
e) Sit and relax with the Sunday Times and a book all day tomorrow (yeah right)
f) Find a provider of 15 easels for the Manchester fundraiser on Wednesday (three potentials have all said they can't help ... aaaargh)
g) Write this blog (tick, done)
h) Complete the silent auction leaflets for Wednesday
i) Read the information at http://www.alifeworthlivingfilm.com/ which is a project Dr Jon Hastie (the Muscular Dystrophy sufferer Lucia and I met at the House of Commons Parliamentary reception in May (see blog entry entitled 'A dose of reality')) is creating, managing and presenting, and then reply to Jon.
j) Write 15 letters to potential corporate sponsors for the Trek.
k) Contact possible sponsors, attendees and beneficiaries of the Harrogate and Leeds fundraisers at Restaurant Bar & Grill .... and contact Sheffield Piccolinos to start the discussion about one there. Thank you to the lovely Anna for her time, patience and enthusiasm yesterday in Harrogate (and I'll be buying some caffeine because it clearly works ha ha).
l) Set up a web page for my Trek to bring the disparate pieces currently on the web all together, including the idea of the 'Wall of Fame' for all those people who have tried to drag the tyres for fun. There seems to be a growing desire for the fad - Caroline plz take note.
m) Bank the £48 that the Hanging Ditch branch of Starbucks raised for my charities on Friday 17th June as well as write a thank-you letter to them (and see if I can start a competition amongst the Manchester and then with the Yorkshire branches. Hmm need to write another letter .... groan).
n) Scribble down all the other ideas I have just thought of, along with the ones I've just remembered.
o) Thank Tina Bonetta and her friends for the offer of organising a fundraising event for me. Oh for more people with a generous nature like you Tina !!!

Then there is the obvious need to work to pay bills, to be able to pay the remaining £15 000 balance of the Trek and save money as my current aspiration (based on this mornings gym session and the fatigue after 6 miles over 2 days pulling the tyres last weekend) is that I work like hell until New Years Eve and then hope for some part-time work from January 2012 through April 2012 to allow myself to drive forward with my preparation for the Pole.

And of course I also need to promote myself more during this time, thus the article in 'Beyond' magazine that's coming up .... see photo below (copyright MVS Photography 2011, all rights reserved).

I must also think through how I push to get myself on local TV. Visibility hopefully means increased likelihood that someone will want to co-sponsor the Trek. Hell, next April suddenly feels awfully close.

And so dear reader, feel free to arrange to come and drag the tyres and feel the scale of the challenge (see Hiten, there are muscles in those lillywhite legs ha ha).

As for me, I'm now going to eat, clean the house, put the washer on for a 3rd time today, go to the supermarket and do my taxi trips for my girls to and from work .... and smile at the thought that one day I'll NOT have a tyre-pulling harness strapped to my body and will be able to walk through the park and look relaxed, happy and stress-free with Lucia (and yes Ant' you're right, she is). 

Right now though I'd love to look forward to my Fathers Day morning; a freshly made latte, breakfast and the Sunday Times without a million things racing through my head and just my beautiful girls to take to and from work. Yes I know, but a guy can dream can't he?

Enjoy your weekend; one more blog entry to try to do tomorrow, so watch this space.

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  1. Geoff, you have a lot ahead of you but I have every confidence in you :O)

    Regards Mark Evans