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Friday, 29 July 2011

Lies, damn lies and statistics

Oh alright I admit it, there are no lies or damn lies in this blog but there are some statistics (which I find interesting anyway and will look back on fondly).

My latest post (A moment of reflection, another dose of reality) has had 91 hits already since I posted it at midnight, making it the third highest read page in less than 20 hours since it was published. I wonder how many of the 91 have had some experience of loss when it comes to cancer (it was about a MacMillan event in case you were wondering)? Show of hands please (or at least add a comment on the blog; it would be interesting).

That made me look at the latest readership figures as a whole. I was pretty impressed when my 'cycle across Cuba' attracted 600 page reads in its short life but currently I am burning a hole through that figure like a blowtorch in a paper mill. Err ..... yes I know it didn't read as good as it sounded in my head but give a guy a break huh?

Top 10 for this blog are: -

UK has generated 2 287 page reads
USA has 368 page reads
Germany, 32
Canada, 18
Russia, 12
Australia has 11
Ireland has 7
China has 6 (come on China, you're lagging a bit behind for goodness sake. Thought you were booming?)
Hungary, 6
France, 5

And then there's Estonia, Singapore, India, Slovakia, the UAE, Iran, South Korea and a host of other on 4 or less.

You know what, it would be GREAT if I could know the names of all of you !! Your forename and the country you're in. Anyone? Hello? Err it seems to have gone quiet. Oh well, back to my celebration; the birthday cake is courtesy of my eldest daughter and her boyfriend.

It was lovely although I think the Michelin stars are still an aspiration rather than 'already in the post'. Oh yeah and if from time to time you feel you need some variety, free to check out the latest edition to the blog suite -

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