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Friday, 8 July 2011

Eclectic posting and a little opening of the soul

The last couple of days have been a real whirlwind and I'm currently sat here, starving, knowing I should go and eat yet eager to share the cacophony currently exploding in my head. In no particular order .....

1. Jon from Greggs Pantry asked if I was going tyre pulling tonight (he has a fascination and wants to get fitter). I said probably not as I wasn't feeling too good today and 20 minutes later, this happened !!

And it lasted over 15 minutes, including the thunderstorm that came with it. Think I'll stick to the gym in the morning before assessing what to do over the weekend.

2. Had a troubled nights sleep on Wednesday and couldn't get the £100 000 fundraising target out of my mind. Whilst I'm pleased I've collected £5 500 already and have £7 000 pledged in total it's still small-fry so I think the quiet period of July and August, when people are away on holiday, is going to be a planning not doing time of year. Could do with 3 or 4 people to take on some of the organising as I've got the ideas but it's implementing them.

I have to say it may have been partially down to my weary state but it all seemed such a long way off, TOO hard to even contemplate and after the local supermarket said "No" to me doing any fundraising there ("All our available fundraising days are taken this year") I wondered how on earth am I EVER going to reach the target?!?!?!? A sense of despondency swept over me and for a minute I mentally caved-in to the fact that I probably wouldn't. I'd fail and let all those people down.

Panic over though and normal determined service is now resumed. Teeth gritted, aims set high and a nice mackerel salad about to be scoffed while I type the rest of this because we men CAN multi-tas .............k (sorry just had to pause to pick up the fork full of food).

3. Had a good meeting with James Buckley on Thursday and an AMAZING session with Ed Ryder. Sadly I'm not a £millionaire (although I've yet to check my Lottery ticket tonight; an unusual purchase for me) because if I was we'd put ALL those things into play Ed from Monday (and the stuff JB and I discussed later that day) and life would just be stunning fun. albeit fun with purpose.

4. Have you checked these out? NOTHING to do with the Trek but simply stunning http://uk.news.yahoo.com/photos/breathtaking-british-landscapes-in-photos-1308756643-slideshow/#crsl=%252Fphotos%252Fbreathtaking-british-landscapes-in-photos-1308756643-slideshow%252Fposnett-photo.html

5. My list of things to do just keeps getting longer so tonight, before a DVD and sleep, I'm running through all my emails and I've spotted 7 that offer opportunities so I'm responding to all. I know that means I have even MORE things to juggle/plates to spin but I've just GOT to keep going, I've just GOT to reach all those targets (financial and training) and work and have time for my girls and continue to build a relationship and get my life back to where it was 3 years ago; balanced and perfect with everything in my life in its place harmoniously.

And that's why it's worth all the effort because I know what it's like to be amazingly happy in life, mentally engaged in the work that I do and to be everything I want to be.

That includes doing amazing things for amazing people like Dr Jon Hastie and Aaron Pask, like George who recovered and like Ella's parents Jo and Steve who are coming out of a very dark tunnel now they see Ella's ongoing recovery, like two people I can't name because one is too embarrassed to say she had to use the Samaritans 11 years ago and one dare not tell her child she has the terrible degenerative MS. Like all those who I'll never get to meet but who are the reason people like me do stupid things. Because we're just so incredibly lucky already.

6. Rob Worrall you made the figure of £23 legendary today; thank you for rounding up the 'National' charity group to £4 000. Who fancies rounding up the Yorkshire pot to £2 000? It's only £102 short of that target right now.

Food, a DVD and bed for me. Busy day tomorrow; got to start to get these plastered everywhere I can locally .....

Enjoy your weekend.

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