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A new adventure beckons, and this is once again about my personal journey to make it happen.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

'A week in the life of' idea

Had a lovely evening tonight at the Yorkshire Mafia evening in Doncaster (if you live/work in Yorkshire feel free to check out http://www.linkedin.com/ and search in 'Groups' for Yorkshire Mafia) and met some new and some familiar faces.

Gary King, Keith Williams, Mark Longbottom and the SMSmiles teams are all great to see plus met with the crazy but lovely Sarah Louise Walker (congrats on the new role as Sales Manager for YM .... so jealous) and a bunch of newbies including Darren from http://www.wakstudio.co.uk/.

The main purpose of tonight for me though wasn't to just say hello and down a Red Bull in good company, but it was also to promote my Twitter account for the North Pole Trek and see if I could start my climb to 1000 followers; not because I'm an ego maniac (err who sarcastically coughed at the back of the room .... just remember it's not big and it's not clever) but because the more followers I have the more likely one of them will re-tweet something and someone may know someone who may know someone who wants to get involved in supporting me on the Trek. Hey, it's a plan anyway.

I also found myself trying to explain (briefly) but failing (miserably) about how complex it can be to juggle everything in my life so here's a thought; I'm going to pick a week and list all the headline activities for that week. Maybe I'll sit back and think "What's all the fuss about?" or maybe I'll re-read it again and again and think "What ARE you trying to fit into your life you flippin' nutter?"

Anyway whatever the outcome it will be a true reflection but tonight I'm tired so it's bedtime. I'll go to sleep with the memory of laughter from those people who found it funny that my colleagues at work are discussing a sweepstake on how I'll die at the Pole; Andrew (recently back from a three week holiday) added 'whiteout madness' to the list.

I'll also go knowing that on Saturday 30th July I'm 50 and feeling pretty smug that I believe I'm capable of doing something so extreme, so arduous and yet so amazingly brilliant before I turn 51.

Good night.

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