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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A HUGE thank you & some dates for the diary

I spent this morning with Mark Evans, Rosie and Paul from the SMileS SMS team (see smilessms.com).

Mark kindly offered one of their experienced team for an hour a week and the 'pitch' is we're not looking for you to donate but would you get involved in promoting the Trek. We got together to discuss how the first 2 hours they'd spent outbound calling to companies to promote my Trek had gone.

The lovely and professional Rosie
Fifty six organisations have so far said "Yes" they'll promote it (including Rugby League's Wakefield Wildcats and the Huddersfield Giants) and the lovely Rosie has only just started. The ultimate outcome clearly is that I hope more and more people will become aware and will donate but this outbound activity is primarily to get a bunch of companies and organisations to say they will allow us access to their network of people, consumers and clients in the hope that it attracts sponsorship and/or donations. As the knowledge network campaign I created at Scottish Power was called, "Someone Somewhere" .... hopefully.

Whilst there Paul (one of the 'up for anything' members of the team) smiled broadly when we discussed the idea of a PR event for tyre-pulling, and even wider when he knew I had the tyre-dragging harness in the back of the Freelander.

Without a second thought he went down the bottom of the garden and got two (err pretty lightweight I have to say) tyres and carried them to the car. Hmm yes, the whole 'back garden built up out of tyres' story is intriguing; when you contact Mark at SMileS SMS ask him about it.

WHAT a drama queen, striking a 'pose'

We lashed the tyres to the harness and strapped
Paul in and off he went, running up the steep hill and out of sight.

Several minutes later when the sound of sirens had faded into the distance, Paul thankfully re-appeared near the end of his circuit, moving a little slower than when he set off (okay a LOT slower, even though he picked up speed when he saw the cameras) but he did fantastically well despite the puffing and panting ....

....... and the fact that he immediately disappeared into the toilet.

After my trip to SMileS I drove across the M62 to Manchester and again realised that I need to finalise a couple of dates for key activities: -

a) I still have to settle on a date and a location for the Leeds fundraising dinner

b) I need to write the 500-word blog for the Guardian 'Voluntary' supplement, as offered by Jo Adetunji, about the way I want to evolve the Involve ethos into a co-operative

c) Glenn at Sheffield Piccolino's was just enthusiasm personified last week when I went to meet him; February 2012 is going to be one heck of a fundraising evening

d) The lovely Anna at Harrogate Restaurant Bar & Grill has agreed a 3rd November date for a fundraiser

e) There will be a tyre-dragging weekend for all invitees 17th and 18th September; there seems to a real thirst to have a go so, provided people are happy to sign disclaimers, line up ladies and gentlemen.

f) I need to ask permission from Iveridge Hall for a dedicated cross-trainer machine from 21st November through to the 28th November; that's the first time I'll attempt 9 miles a day, 8 days in a row on maximum (level 25). I'm pretty sure I'll fail but it will be the first test of my progress and WHAT a test !!!

g) I need to chase down the owner of Bem Brasil in Liverpool; someone knows him personally and I have many contacts who live over that way who would attend a fundraiser,

h) The company http://www.snowsled.com/ might be able to support me in making my stand at the Yorkshire Mafia conference in March 2012 'polar', with the equipment they build/supply. They provide so much of the stuff I'll be using. Roger replied almost immediately and seems very supportive.

No it's not the North Pole, but it looks pretty


Lots of priorities so no time to waste. See you later.

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