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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Training checkpoint results

Entry on blog from Friday 21st January said "Three miles in 90 minutes doesn't sound great but it is what it is; settings were level 4, maintaining 115-145 spm (ski's per minute)".

Well the entry tonight (Tuesday 1st March) says "3.45 miles in 90 minutes; setting was level 6 and really don't care what the spm reading was" so some clear improvement which, added to the 25% increase in the weights I'm lifting shows the old body is responding, but it's a little slower than I'd hoped for. Hmm.

I need to start to add weight to the cross-training soon as the average day in the Arctic will be almost 10 miles (allowing for some ice drift), in 8 hours therefore my next milestone check will be early April 2011 and I'm hoping for another 15% in weights and to do 4 miles in 3 hours, probably on level 8. Twice in a week.


Great meetings today, especially with the radio station who are interested in the 'OMG' factor of "some weirdo pulling a car tyre round in broad daylight" to get fit, and yes I am quoting but it was all in good fun.

Thanks also to Jamie (MacMillan) and Mark (Yorkshire Air Ambulance) for their enthusiasm and desire today; it's what makes me want to do what I'm going to do in April 2012; be a weirdo pulling a sled rather than a tyre, in sub-zero temperatures rather than mild weather in England

Double and triple 'gulp' !!

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