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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Stunned and dazed on a Saturday night

Just read an on-line article at http://www.dannybrown.me/ and it got me thinking .... am I being me? Well okay maybe that's a LITTLE cryptic so I'll try to elucidate as I type.

Question 1 - What possessed me to commit to pay £25 000 to go to the North Pole, why am I spending almost all my spare time either racing round like a blue-bottomed insect or training like a mad man, and what in goodness sakes am I doing facing risks on this Trek that seem .... sometimes .... darn right stupid, when I could simply write a cheque for say £12 500 to a charity or charities and feel darn good about it whilst keeping the other £12 500 which would pay bills?

It's not that I'm not interested in why others do such things, although maybe Dave Hursthouse can tell me why he does such amazing things or the guy James Crawford knows can tell me why anyone would invest the kind of hours it must take to train to do the Arch to Arc race (run from Marble Arch to Dover, swim the Channel and then cycle all the way to Paris), but I'm currently interested in why am I?

Question 2 - Why am I already thinking about what next (for 2014 and 2016) if I'm wondering what drove me to commit to the Trek? By the way I AM going to the Pole because I have committed to and anyone that knows me knows I can be determined (aka stubborn, resistant to wise counsel and generally blinkered on occasion) when I set myself a target.

Actually why do I feel the need to know why? No this isn't getting surreal it's just that the Danny Brown thing and a conversation with Richard Hill's father (Richard is MD of the Iveridge Hall health club/gym/well-being facility I use) today about the achievement of goals got me thinking. Oh yes and speaking of Iveridge Hall ....

Question 3 - Why couldn't Cassie manage to hit Paul (my personal trainer at the gym) in her kick-boxing class when I promised her £20. Why am I asking you that when you don't know who Paul or Cassie are?

Okay so this COULD be getting a wee bit surreal so let me ask you a direct question; if I could spend some or all of the next 10 years of my life feeling healthy, having fun (that is open to interpretation I accept), helping to change people's lives for the better AND if I could do it whilst earning a living ...... why wouldn't I?

Welcome to the next phase in the evolution of the BlueDucks Involve ethos. Time to start taking it as seriously as BlueDucks itself. Maybe that's what 'me' is all about?

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