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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Think it's the same old routine? Err well no .... actually!


I'm not going to be late to bed tonight, I'm not. It's really only 9:15pm as I refuse to allow British Summer Time (BST) to steal an hour from me today when I need it the most.

Last weekend concluded with my wonderful trip north to see the Wicks family and the week has just been CRAMMED ever since; work on Monday followed by the cinema with bed at 11:30pm, work on Tuesday followed by 90 minutes at the gym, work on Wednesday followed by an hour of competitive tennis which was followed by Trek activity with bed at 1am, up before 6am Thursday for work and the gym AGAIN and finally it was Friday. Work but NO gym ... but a wonderful late breakfast with a friend. So much fun and the promise by my local Starbucks to do some fundraising for me. Yahoo !!

Also got a lovely donation from both James Crawford at Touchpoint Change and from my best girlie mate Sam(antha) so the week finished well and then onto the weekend.

Gym on Saturday, a positive e-mail from Zinc in Manchester and then ....... leaking pipes. No, not mine personally (doh! and 'gross') but a pipe in my home. What a nightmare and then BST came along and tried to steal an hours sleep from me.

Well I've already written to my friend Yvonne in Singapore, text my friend Lucia and had one of those annoying 'chain' texts telling me if I don't forward it I'll not get rich. Hey ho, could do with the cash so I've now annoyed 8 other friends who will no doubt also feel obliged to forward it. Are these things started by the mobile networks do you think?? do they have armies of creatives who dream up ridiculous chain texts to drive chargeable traffic on their mobile networks?

Darn clever revenue generation if you ask me. There's a mug born every minute who'll forward it to the 8 friends they .... hang on, hold that thought. Doh!

Well now I must get on with my Trek PR activity before it gets too late AGAIN. As far as BST is concerned I'm not having it, I refuse to ...... what ...... oh, really(?) ..... hmmm ..... ok. It seems I have no choice BUT to accept it really is 22:20 already and I STILL need to do my Trek stuff. Double doh (and yawn, I'm now feeling shattered) so I'll be in touch again soon.

P.S. Good luck to Hazel Kurz who flies out to the Canadian side of the Pole to attempt her Trek in 3 days time. Evidently it was recorded as -57c last week and most attempts this year from the Canadian side have been abandoned. Fingers crossed for you Hazel .... while I still have them all : )

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