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A new adventure beckons, and this is once again about my personal journey to make it happen.

It might make you laugh; it might make you cry, but by 'eck lads and lasses, it will be worth a quick skeg every now and then, tha's for sure.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Four quickies (uhh err missus)

1. Invited to the House of Commons for a Parliamentary Reception (uww get me) by the lovely and ever enthusiastic Sara Benson of Muscular Dystrophy. So excited and taking a guest ('vacancy' already filled by the lovely Lucia but thanks for the offers).

2. Harness ordered by Simon @ Charity Challenge, and Mark at Yorkshire Air Ambulance trying to secure some tyres from a contact in the tyre industry, so expect to see me dragging tyres around a variety of locations in Yorkshire in the coming months. Target is to be able to do a 9-mile day by the end of June, building up by a day a month until I am able to 8 x 9-mile days in a row by February.

3. Still have SOOOOOOOOO much to do and must do it this week. Five very important e-mails about fundraising but it's late again and I'm tired after the gym tonight. Indoor tennis tomorrow, gym Thursday and then my usual 'family' weekend tasks but MUST complete this weeks action list before bed on Saturday night !!!

4. My thanks to Sir Ranulph Fiennes for his kind words via the amazing and hard-working Denise Armstrong at Heart Research UK and his offer of a letter of support, and to David 'cheap as chips' Dickinson for his support (thank you Trina). Another 98 celebrities to go to achieve my target.

Nighty night

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