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Thursday, 10 March 2011

The time just flew by; it's Thursday already??

Hello, recently back from the gym and realised I haven't had much time to do anything with the blog for a few days so, before bed, here's an update for you. In no particular order: -

a) Big business launch next Tuesday at the Yorkshire Mafia Conference in Leeds so this weekend will be ensuring I have all the things necessary to display, hand-out and discuss. Huge thanks to JB for offering to man the Stand

b) Speaking of JB he helped crystalise some thoughts I was having about the Involve ethos so 2011 will mark a significant change in the profile of Involve. The North Pole Trek is just the start, not an end.

c) I changed my training regime tonight insofar as I'm going for strength on the cross-trainer, not speed and distance. After two circuits in the circuit room I tried 20 minutes on the x-trainer on maximum resistance (or incline) and on Level 25 I did 0.6km in the 20 minutes which is 0.372 miles.

Using my cunning maths skills that makes circa a mile an hour and I have to complete 9.375 miles per day on average. Given we're supposed to be ski-trekking for 8 hours, I need to speed up so that's now a KPI for my monthly performance monitoring so watch this space.

d) Still waiting for Zinc (in Manchester) and the SnoZone at Castleford to get back to me about their involvement, and the radio station. Yorkshire Evening Post have re-scheduled their photographer for THIS Saturday and next weekend I get to have a weekend off .... I think. Well, half the weekend anyway.

e) Denise and Rachel at Heart Research UK both came up trumps individually this week so let's see where that gets me (and them) and Sara from Musc Dyst is clearly working like a trojan on PR. Oh and if you're reading this Nikki from Yorkshire Cancer Research then yes I did get (and have just sent you) a photo taken of me training with one of your t-shirts on. Well ...... not one of YOURS obviously; that would just make me a little weird if I was wearing a woman's t-shirt but you know what I mean.

f) All the Yorkshire-based charities, I am SOOOOOO looking forward to us all meeting next Wednesday morning to put together a co-ordinated programme of PR. I'll try to stay quiet and not get too animated at all your fantastic suggestions : )

g) My thanks to YBNUK for showing an interest this week, to Sam at a Yorkshire business magazine for showing an interest (but no I'm not paying-out any more money than I've already committed to cover advertising the Trek), and to Paul Amourdedieu and Radha for trying to get in touch; we will speak.

h) And finally my thanks for his encouragement goes to the 'Don' Geoff Shepherd, my admiration goes out to Emma Cooper for all her training and enthusiasm in getting ready for the London Marathon to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease (you are my fitness heroine but don't ever tell anyone I said that), my lovely cousin Mandy who has committed to the Jane Tomlinson Run For All 10k in July and to Hazel Kurz who is evidently training to do the Trek THIS April. She follows me on Twitter (why don't you lot follow me ... yes you, reading this blog. Get following @northpoletrek this instant).

Wow, is that the time?? Night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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