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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

To Sara, dog owners, Stacey, Lucozade manufacturers, Starbucks and Lucia

23:30hrs almost and here I am just STARTING the blog (and I've still got a letter to create for the printers), so let's race through this ....

1. To Sara (Muscular Dystrophy Campaign)
Lovely to see you again on Friday, thanks again for the running vest and I did a 2.5 mile drag tonight with a large 14.5kg tyre and a small 7kg tyre (lashed together) wearing it.

I did ask a guy passing to take some photos but in the first it looks like a litre of carrot juice has stained my face whilst sporting a blonde mohican and in the second I look pretty irritated at his incompetence while I look like someone trying (badly) to smile under 'flat-cap' hair

....... so I decided instead to do  a DIY video. The only problem is, does my face look unusually fat in the video? OMG over the last month I've turned into the Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters !!!

Err maybe the visit to that sweet shop last night didn't help

You're all jealous aren't you! And this was just 20% of the treats on offer !!

2. Message to the dog owners in the Park tonight
@the barking growler (that's the dog, not a description of the owner); can you please keep it under control? If it wasn't growling and barking at me it was at the father and young daughter walking in the park.

@the woman with the indecisive dog; I know how annoying it must be when you throw a stick part way down a hill for your dog, it chases it, grabs it, but then it can't decide whether to return it to you or continue down the hill to see what on earth I am doing ... but please don't express your anger at me; it's not my fault (or maybe you would appreciate it if I post a warning on Facebook or Twitter; "Man pulling tyres in Rothwell Park - stay away or blindfold your dog. You choice")

@the little boy and girl with cute 'Cody'; yes she is cute, no I'm not stupid and sorry but Santa really doesn't exist so I'm hardly likely to see him at the North Pole am I. Don't panic dear reader, I didn't really say that to two young children but tonight it was kind of annoying to be asked the same question so many times about what I was doing. See '6' below for reason for angst.

Cody really is cute; so 'dinky'
@the labrador man; next time your dog ignores your three cheerful attempts to call it to heel and it RACES 60 metres straight at me at top speed, I think I'm allowed to consider having an accident in my shorts. It really is a BIG dog (but I really didn't have anything more than a split-seconds' worry)

@the encouraging lady with 2 dogs; thank you. Yes maybe I do need some 'Marching Bands' music while I'm at the Pole to spur me on. I said 'maybe'.

3. The lovely Stacey (Heart Research UK)
Thank you for working so hard at the PR and getting me in The Mirror on August 27th. It may only be a small 'fun' article with random numbers but it's still exposure with a photo! It ties in beautifully with an entry in '5' below

4. The manufacturers of Lucozade
Got to say that in the last 30 years you have done a MAGNIFICENT marketing job, turning that orange liquid in an orange bottle with that crinkly orange cellophane wrapped round it for sick kids, into the leading UK sports drink.

Here's a pep talk and surely your next viral ad. Hello, hello? I think they've gone home.

So come on, which charity do you want to give £1000 to as a result of that inspirational creation?

5. Starbucks
Thank you Dave (big Starbucks branch in the Arndale Centre in Manchester) for the offer of a fundraising event on Wednesday 17th now the 24th August, with face painters, cakes from the amazing Kilio, and your balloon animals (even if your giraffe looks VERY similar to your butterfly and your poodle), and thanks to 'Shig' (small Starbucks branch in the Arndale Centre) for offering to do an event on Saturday 27th August with a special Frappuccino on sale too.

Still don't understand why the 4 Leeds branches I use from time to time haven't responded to my Moonpig card invitations to support me, even if it's a polite decline.

6. Lucia
So sorry you're in Manchester tonight with all that trouble not so very far away and I'm at home in Leeds. I hope this blog, the e-mails and texts have helped take your mind off what could have been. I now understand how helpless you must feel at me going to the North Pole, one of the last great (dangerous) wildernesses in the world, and you staying at home unable to influence or protect.

At least the animals at the Pole have more than one brain cell; more than can be said of the scum destroying Manchester city centre tonight.

And on that politically incorrect note folks I'll bid you good night.

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