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A new adventure beckons, and this is once again about my personal journey to make it happen.

It might make you laugh; it might make you cry, but by 'eck lads and lasses, it will be worth a quick skeg every now and then, tha's for sure.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Latest audience stats

It would seem my viewers have stabilised somewhat but it still makes interesting reading ... I think. New entries and changes since 24th April are in blue.

With 1 page viewing we STILL have: -
New Zealand
South Korea
Burkina Faso (still no idea; is that you 'Tex'?)

With 2 page viewings we have: -
Singapore (+1)
China (new entry)
India (new entry)

All on its own with 3 page viewings is: -
Denmark (new entry)

Still with 4 page viewings we have: -
Belgium (have I stopped being of interest?)

With 5 page viewings, all out there on its own we now have France (+1)

Topping that by one (that's 6 in total ... Maths not your strong point huh?) are: - 
Australia (+4)

Jumping up to third with 12 page viewings is: -
Canada (+8)

Second in the charts remains the US of A with 249 (+101) and still at number 1 by a Romanian bricklayers hod (that one's for you Mr Vickers ha ha) is the UK with 1285 (+394) page views ...... evidently.

Well I found it interesting anyway. Good night

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