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Sunday, 24 April 2011

International viewing figures update

Well things have spread a little across the globe with a couple of new and rather surprising entries: -

With 1 page viewing we have: -
New Zealand
South Korea
Burkina Faso (what????)

With 2 page viewings we have: -
Iran (err .......... ok)

With 4 page viewings we have: -
Belgium (you ARE interesting people; thank you)

With 5 page viewings, all out there on its own we have Germany (hello Tania and hello Viv & Jorg)

Topping that by one (that's 6 in total ... just in case you went blonde on me) is Hungary (nope, no idea)

Second in the charts pop-pickers (for those old enough to remember Alan Freeman) is the US of A with 148 and still at number 1 by a country-mile (whatever THAT means) is the UK with 891 page views ...... evidently.

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