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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Twitter campaign to be #ontheflag

Day 3 completed, another 9 miles done, another 8 'Trek' business cards handed out and just one dog barked at me and one pee'd on the tyre today. That's not happened since a blog entry back in April !!

Used my nordic ski poles again today thankfully so cleaning the leaves out of the tyre was much less fraught which was good as I'd scooped up some dog poop on one of the circuits. Thank goodness it wasn't squished otherwise the stench would have stayed with me for the remaining 6 miles.

Gives the phrase 'needle in a haystack'  a whole new scratch 'n' sniff angle

Anyway the main aim of this blog entry is to let anyone who doesn't already know about the #ontheflag campaign I'm running on Twitter .... about the #ontheflag campaign I'm running on Twitter (is that poor grammar or just rubbish English?). The proposition is: -

If your company donates £50 to my Trek charities via the Virgin Money Giving sites I've set up (or via cheque through my Trek accountants, Bartfields UK,) you can have your logo on a flag I'm having made to take to the North Pole.

It will be photographed and one of the companies will win the flag when I return. Now how amazing an offer is that!?!?!?!?

Note : Minimum £47.50 to charity, maximum £2.50 to make the flag itself. If the flag costs more I'll cover it (on top of the £26000 it's costing my company for the Trek + £1600 for the insurance, just in case you were worried YOU were paying for the Trek, which is a rationale concern for some and a valid question for all).

Don't leave it too late as there are only 120 spaces and it's definitely first come first served.

Come see the flag at the Yorkshire Mafia Conference in March 2012 at the Royal Armouries in Leeds and think how proud you'll be if you have the flag hanging in your reception after April, but you've got to be in it to win it (I'm sure that's a good marketing slogan SOMEONE could use).

So far there have been 42 pledges and the first payments are coming in ... and so are the logo's. Already guaranteed to be #ontheflag are: -

@MillenniaIT (who has already sent their logo too)
@smartartsUK (yup and so have these)
@tassociatesltd (she has too)

.... plus many others such as @MafiaYorkshire and @smilessms for their incredible support to date, @Iveridge for their guidance and generosity, and @RushfirthLeeds for just being amazing people.
As Howard @RushfirthLeeds says, having a tall wife means they always see eye to eye

Some companies are also part of it but I can't find a Twitter address yet but they include iSource, Rullion, Touchpoint Change, 3 Co's, Journey Management, London Clubs International and Hermes Europe and then there are the 19 companies who have promised via Twitter and will be paying shortly.

So what are you waiting for, an official invite? Either get on Twitter [@northpoletrek] or leave a message on here or contact me through other known means. Alternatively just write to me at the address below.

...... I'm waiting : )

The 'Involve' ethos
c/o BlueDucks Limited
Round Foundry Media Centre
Foundry Street
Leeds LS11 5QP

In the meantime I've got 4 more days of tyre-hauling to go so I'll be enjoying this vista ...

..... and getting even more like this ......

Well someone's got to look good in Helly Hansen other than chav's ...

..... before my vista returns to this .......

The M62 westbound on a glorious Autumn morning

If only I could do this training and fundraising thing full-time.

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