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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A nice guy called Alan (and a 'flag' update)

It's Tuesday evening and today was the second day in a row I've completed 9 miles, dragging a 14.5kg tyre across, up  and down Rothwell Park.

My tyre trails from the first 3 two-mile circuits yesterday

Yesterday was good, if a little hot whereas today started mild but gratefully dropped in temperature after 2pm, but the weather isn't what I'm here to write about. Today it's about 'people' and we'll start with the generosity of a guy called Alan.

Out walking his dog he was kind enough to ask what I was doing (as did 4 others today). I explained and handed him one of the new 'North Pole Trek' business cards that the wonderful Rushfirth Creative provided (what LOVELY people they are). By the time I'd looked down to zip the pocket shut and looked back up there was a crisp £20 being thrust towards me.

MacMillan Cancer Support are the receipients so I'll be sending the equivalent by cheque to the client account Bartfields UK hold for me at Barclays Corporate.

I also had two more pledges today to be #ontheflag (check out the hastag on Twitter); Nicola Hanson from Leeds Victoria Quarter and Sarah Jayne Walker who is supporting London Clubs International both confirmed they will be donating a minimum of £50 to have their respective company logo's on the flag I'm taking to the Pole. That's 42 out of 120 spaces taken and I intend to close applications by 25th February so I can display the flag at the Yorkshire Mafia Confrence in March 2012.

In fact I need to send out the PDF Rushfirth created as they are co-ordinating the creation of the flag; goodness I really am SO very fortunate to have their expertise and involvement.

And now its time for a rest before bed .... and another 9 miles tomorrow.

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