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Monday, 7 May 2012

Three weeks later; where am I 'at'?

Hello and welcome to bank holiday Monday.

My previous blog entry has now had 1248 page reads (although someone this week arrived there from the Google search string of 'cheapest ugg boots'; erm not quite sure how that works Mr Google but I think you need to check your algorithmic parameters).

For me the last three weeks have been nothing short of confusing, worrying, delightful and fundamental. It was surprisingly sobering to see the penultimate piece of PR in the Yorkshire Evening Post; my thanks to Jonny Brown the journalist for another great piece and to Douglas Irvine for the amazing (and again unacknowledged) photos: -

I have re-found my loving relationship with Lucia after a disorienting few days post-Trek (but she really should try to get more paint on the canvas; it's not a good look for an artist although it's a great look for a beautiful woman): -

I have enjoyed hugging my youngest daughter more than ever (my eldest too if she lived about 3000 miles closer), but don't expect a picture of me hugging her - that's clearly a step too far from her perspective.

I re-found my honorary 'sister' Sammie, after almost a year of her being so very busy on EVERY front in her life (but who can now clearly enjoy girlie 'party trips' to Belfast with Debbie & co): -

The winner of 'the flag' has been selected (by scientific means, with every logical sequential step posted on Twitter); here are 4 of the Hosties4Heroes team proudly displaying the flag at a boxing match, where I'm sure they received wolf-whistles and donations to Help4Heroes in almost equal measure: -

I also responded with some thoughts on a start-up idea (Mr S, still awaiting your feedback on my feedback on the proposition). A new career step appeals .... incredibly. I now also know I can't drink coffee like I used to (no bad thing but shares in Starbucks may take a tumble), dislike sandwiches and don't even get me started specifically on bacon butties (yuk).

What I do know though is that the time is coming for changes in life, changes in the way I do business, changes to the type of work I do and especially to the purpose/outcomes of that work ..... and I reminded myself of exactly what the Involve ethos within BlueDucks Limited is all about.

When I started the the Involve ethos it was never about me doing death-defying and daring adventures, but it was (and is) about me involving others in raising money for charities and worthy individuals through participating in amazing adventures.

Now that's not to say that a little bit of calculated danger isn't a good thing, but only when those involved are FULLY aware of the dangers and risks as opposed to mass participation with blind disregard for consequences.

It's not about coffee mornings or your standard charity bike rides etc (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with those fantastic tried and tested fundraising methods which have and will continue to raise £thousands for those in need) but they're not for me. No, I have other plans whizzing round in my head.

One, a world first intended for 2014, has already been drafted and circulated to 7 individuals who can all hopefully help shape and develop it into reality, but the next step is to get some sponsorship to allow me to work on the planning and creation of it almost full time.

I would be taking a 50% drop in income to do this, but getting the c£20k seed funding is a must and a pre-cursor to doing this properly. Here is the teaser I sent out on Twitter earlier this weekend.

REVEALED: Every single page of the 2014 proposal ... sort of.

Two other 'world firsts' are in the process of being written-up and considered by me, but these would also require a significant shift in my finances (what's left of them after the cost and consequential cost of the North Pole Trek), my lifestyle and (very excitingly) my focus for the next few years.

This will take planning and a great deal of thought to ensure all my aspirations for 2012-2020 are fulfilled; personal, life, career and yes spiritual. It takes a great deal of bravery to make that first step, as our friend Dave found last night at his first ever attempt at a stand-up gig. The audience can be critical and severe in whatever you do in life that's outside your comfort zone, but taking that first step is important and (as last night demonstrated) those critical of what you are trying are often those with the least balls, spine and guts to actually have a go themselves.

Maybe it's time to step out of the shadows and support people like Dave, like me, like the amazing Mandy Barwick; those who dare to test themselves as well as people like Howard & Kathryn Rushfirth who dedicate time more usually attributed to sleep to help some of us do unusual things.

"Everyone dies, but not everyone lives" - Sachs.

In the meantime I have 3 things to do immediately; complete the final fundraising activity for the Trek charities of running the auction for the amazing prizes they have donated, chase those who need chasing about future opportunities whilst trying to maintain some focus on what pays the bills today .... and get dinner ready for tonight for Lauren, my Mum and I.

Oh yes, & start my NEW blog which is simply entitled "A series of (not un-)fortunate events". Here's a link to the new blog folks .....

... so keep in touch on this blog regarding the auctions prizes, but please sign-up to the new blog which will, eventually, reveal what happens next in the Involve story.

And thank you SO much for reading so far.


  1. Hi Geoff

    One of the websites my brother hosts is for 'cheapest ugg boots' and is hosted on one of our servers which has our Google Analytics on and Google is the account I use to sign in to your blog. Long winded and a bit of an outside shot, but I wonder if that is the connection????

    All the best
    Mark Evans

  2. Hmm could be .... thanks for clearing up the mystery

  3. Thanks for knowledge share, I will be waiting for future posts

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  4. Thanks for knowledge share, I will be waiting for future posts

    Marcus White Lisdoonvarna