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Thursday, 1 March 2012

The launch of #MyTrekAuction

As promised (or threatened; your choice as it's your perspective) this week sees the launch of an auction for the first in a series of excellent 'lots'. This blog entry is to let you know what is happening, some of the lots currently on offer, how you go about making a bid and how you can monitor its progress.

Ok so first of all take a peek at the 'lots' and, if you really want to make a bid on one (or more) you can do it one of 3 ways: via Twitter (@northpoletrek), via a message on Facebook (search for me, Geoff Major) or email a bid to northpoletrek@ymail.com.

Every weekend between now and then I'll be updating the list with the highest bids so far (but not the bidders name) so you can see whether you want to increase the offer that's being made. Bidding closes at midnight on March 23rd  and please note, your bid is binding. All prizes must be collected unless otherwise stated.

So let's start with some of the lots currently on offer shall we?

1. Donated by and in aide of MacMillan Cancer Support we have: -

a) A cricket shirt, specially manufactured for the 2011 Yorkshire vs Lancashire cricket match in aide of MacMillan Cancer Support, and signed by all the Yorkshire County Cricket team. Bidding starts at £50

b) Two Gray Nicholls cricket bats, both signed by the Yorkshire County Cricket team. Bidding starts at £25 per bat (and there's already been one bid of £50 for one of the bats)

2. Donated by and in aide of The Jane Tomlinson Appeal we have a VIP entry to the Leeds Run For All 10k event. Stretch with the celebrities in a special VIP tent; swap stories of training techniques as you get ready to take part and then, collapse in a heap in the same tent once the run is complete and compare placings. Bidding now starts at £30

3. Donated by and in aide of Candlelighters, we have a 4-ball at the truly impressive (and jolly posh) Oakdale Golf Club near Harrogate. Bidding starts at almost half price; £150

4. Donated by SMileS, in aide of Yorkshire Cancer Research; want to run a marketing campaign by text with a response keyword? Well SMileS are offering a short code for 6 months, 1000 text replies and 2 hours managed service support for free. Bidding starts at £50

5. Donated by the Yorkshire Mafia, in aide of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. Have you been to a Yorkshire Mafia Conference and exhibition? Well this year they have sold over 151 stands for 2-days, have arranged yet another £1bn panel to present and answer questions about business success, and already have over 3000 business men and women registered to attend the 2-day event in March.

Well I've been given a 'lot' for my auction and it is an exhibition stand at the 2013 Yorkshire Mafia Conference which is worth in excess of £1400 at current market rates. Bidding starts at £500

FOR ANYONE ELSE (as long as it's legal)
6. Donated by and in aide of Candlelighters. Your son or daughter has a birthday coming up, but you're stuck what to get. How about bidding on this electric model of the stunning Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione? The 'Alfa accessories' site has this priced at £243 (+delivery) but bidding starts at just £125

7. Donated by Charity Angels, in aide of MacMillan Cancer Support. A 1.75 litre bottle of Belvedere Polish vodka; the Rolls Royce of vodka and in a beautiful presentation bottle. This retails on the internet for £102 but bidding starts at just £50

Well that's the list so far but, hopefully, there'll be additional 'lots' to announce once I'm back from my training week in Norway, just one week before the next big event; my stand at the 2012 Yorkshire Mafia Conference on 21st and 22nd March.

If you're in the area, come to the Royal Armouries in Leeds and say hello to me on stand #24 (but watch out for the 7ft polar bear !!).

So what are you waiting for? Get bidding !! Donate money and get something back for it for yourself too.


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