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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

6 degrees of separation .... sort of.

All giddy this evening; probably because I feel excited for the first time in almost 3 weeks about 4 days of training in a row and my new winter training gear. Oh yeah and I'm listening to the most eagerly awaited album for years (the sequel to 'Welcome to my Nightmare', released yesterday and called 'Welcome 2 my Nightmare') ...... and I'm NOT disappointed. Yay me.

Okay first things first; winter training gear. Picture this, it's warm and training with tyres means shorts, a t-shirt and trainers. In fact don't picture it as the expression on your face might frighten small children and animals so look at these two photos from previous blogs ...

Blue skies and sunshine equals .......

..... t-shirt, sunglasses and shorts.

Of course this week has seen the tail-end of Hurricane Katia and some rain so the new formula (which strangely excites me) is: -

Cold, wet, windy (no that's NOT describing me) which means .....

Berghaus gear, gloves, Helly Hansen base clothing and ...

.... a move from The North Face trainers to Salomon boots. And I'm all excited !!! (Yeah I know, go figure)

Now while trying on the gear I was listening to the new Alice album, texting Lucia who is translating another blog entry for Katka (her sister), and trying to persuade Lauren that she really didn't have to feel awkward when her friends saw me wearing this stuff in the pouring rain, tyres attached. Difficult given I'd just told her that Chris the window cleaner had been talking to a fellow dog-walker who mentioned she'd seen some nutter in the park dragging tyres behind him.

Odd, I've been to the park quite a lot and don't recall seeing anyone who fits that description.

(Random entry - I've had 18 page reads this week from Russia, beating USA into 3rd).

Listening to the new album I felt compelled to write a review on Amazon .... which led me to all the previous reviews I'd written and one in particular for a book called 'One Day'. It's soon to be released as a film but I read the book back in early 2010 and wrote this review on the website: -

"Brilliant. There is no other word for this book than brilliant. Well maybe there is but it's probably an Italian word or, more likely, something in Swahili. Never learned Swahili but maybe finding what that one word is would make it more than worthwhile.

I've never laughed so much, felt as melancholy, bit my trembling lip quite so hard or wished my friends Dex and Em, Em and Dex (4eva) could stay just one more chapter.

Moving, incredibly readable, just perfect for some peace and 'you' time. More girly perhaps than I'd normally read (bit of a Jeffery Deaver and David Baldacci fan actually) but so pleased I saw the cover. In fact liked the cover so much I bought the company. Well, the book anyway. Apologies to Victor Kiam ... sorry, sorry. Sorry!

Buy the darn book. You won't be disappointed, and if you are .... well blame David Nicholls. He wrote, not me.

Kabisa kipaji as the Swahili people would say (thank goodness for Google Translate). It means 'Utterly brilliant', in case you can't be bothered to look it up."

Re-reading my review then reminded me of when I was reading this book, it was as my Dad's cancer took its almost final grip. I recall sitting in the sun, alone, reading the infamous page 385 and it was as if the emotions in my life were finally given permission to show. A bl**dy line in a story finally had the tears rolling down my cheeks; for Em and for my Dad.

And for me too I guess.

So I'll close with the words of the wonderful Lucia who, on reading my previous blog entry featuring the inspiring Ellie Jeffery, said "I've just read your latest blog and it brought tears to my eyes and strong hopeful wish that 'cancer' was just a historical entry in anatomy books" ..... and with my best wishes for James Golding who, despite only a 10% chance of success, seems to have had a successful operation to remove a tumor.


That man is made of steel !!

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